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Sinfonia n. 22 in D minor
by Alessandro Stradella

I was so happy to listen to Gian Andrea Guerra playing my violin togheter with Quartetto Vanvitelli in this wonderful location. The baroque violin is a Maggini model, fully decorated with inlaid fingerboard and tailpiece, double purfling and arabesques on the one-piece bird's eye maple back.

Per le antiche scale(preludio)
by E. Morricone

arranged for viola and piano by Gabriele Zuffada

It was such a pleasure to hear miss Yanina Prakudovich play this wonderful theme by E. Morricone, accompained by pianist Keiko Yazawa. The viola I made in 2022 is a 415mm Maggini model.

Morning Prayer
by Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky

from "Children's Album" for piano

arranged for string quartet by L. Sauter

I took a little fun recording this short quartet in our workshop, playing 2 violins made in 2020 and a viola made in 2020.

We didn't have a cello ready, so my wife Kathrin lent me his doublebass !

I used only my phone to capture video and audio, and a bit of editing to put everything togheter.

In the gallery below you can find the instruments made by me that I played in the video (violin I, violin II, viola).

Just click on the scrolls to see the instruments.

3 violin scrolls - Lorenzo Cassi

Sonata n. XII op. 4 in G minor

by Evaristo Felice Dall'Abaco (1675 - 1742)

for violin and basso continuo


Jacopo Bigi - violin

Guido Andreolli - cembalo

Jacopo plays the violin you can see in the gallery below.

Recording is dated October 5th, 2017,

and was taken in
Palazzo Malvicini-Fontana - Nibbiano Val Tidone,

kindly made available by the owners.

Notturo n.1 e n.2
di Frederick Burgmüller

It was my pleasure to accompanying Miss

Arisa Sato

while playing the new cello you can see in the gallery below. It's a Stradivari model,

1711 "Duport" made in 2016, made using a wonderful one-piece back.
Recording is dated July 4th, 2016, and was taken in the Castel of Rocca d'Olgisio,

kindly made available by the owners.


Rocca d'Olgisio

Sonata n. 5 op. 24

by L. Van  Beethoven
first movement

Simon Young Kim plays the violin you can see in the gallery down here.

It's a Strad model 1715 made in 2016..

Recording is dated May 2016, and was took at:


Hoghi Kim Violin Studio

Sound Adjustment, Restoration, Manteinance


Busan, South Korea

Adagio from Sonata n. 1

BWV 1001 by J. S. Bach

Anastasiya Petryshak plays the violin

you can see in the gallery down here.

It's an A. Stradivari 1705 model, made in 2013. Recording is dated February, 2014.


Newspaper "Libertà"

Front page and article printed on "Libertà" on October 3rd, 200 8 (italian).


Meditation from "Thais"

by Jules Massenet

Lena Yokohama plays a violin made in 2007 shown in the gallery down here. Recording is dated 2014, March.


Botteghe d'arte 3.
L'artigianato artistico e tradizionale in Piacenza e provincia.

Article published on the third edition of this interesting publication of Piacenza area, printed by Edizioni TIP.LE.CO. (italian)

paper portrait - Lorenzo Cassi



from violin concerto in G Minor

BWV 1056 by J. S. Bach

Alessandro Ceravolo plays the violin II of Quartet 2014 presented in the gallery down here, accompained by Federico Lugarini, cello. Recording is dated May 2014.

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